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By: Elsid Arendra Not so long ago, Perhutani customers were used to the idea of purchasing something from the state-owned wood producer must be complicated. Much bureaucracy and long processes consume their time and money. Dishonest brokers were thriving, manipulating each step in the purchasing processes to extract economic rent from both the company and […]
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State-owned forestry company Perum Perhutani is making a major breakthrough in its attempts to obtain global recognition as an environmentally-friendly company tasked with managing one of the world’s biggest rain-forests. In the shady courtyard of the Manggala Wanabakti building in Jakarta, Perhutani President Director Denaldy M. Mauna shared his views with GlobeAsia’s Elsid Arendra over a cup of coffee.
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GlobeAsia’s list of Indonesia’s 99 most inspiring women is an homage to half of the country’s population that are all too often underrepresented. It serves to not only laud the achievements and stories of the inspirational women that shape this country, but also as a reminder of the unfinished and difficult path these women have helped to pave. By Anthony Wonsono
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As an indispensable part of the Indonesian film industry for more than 13 years, Marsha Timothy has both inspired and won the admiration of many. By Lisa Siregar / Photo By Moh. Defrizal
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In an increasingly digital world, many companies have started to realize that they have been sitting in a treasure trove of customer data for long, but never fully taken advantage of it. But this does not apply to Indonesian ride-hailing firm GOJEK, which relies on technology-savvy Crystal Widjaja to do just that. By Lisa Siregar and Elsid Arendra / Photo By Moh. Defrizal
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Luna Maya is a multi-hyphenate in the Indonesian entertainment industry. She is not only a television presenter, actress and model, but also an entrepreneur. Moreover, her 20-year journey in showbusiness has made her a social media influencer with 14.7 million followers on Instagram, placing her among the top-10 most-followed Indonesian celebrities on the platform. By Dhania Sarahtika / Photo By Moh. Defrizal
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Kamila Andini’s “The Seen and Unseen,” a surrealistic take on a child coping with grief, has gained popularity since winning awards at Tokyo FILMex 2017, Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2017 and Berlinale 2018, among others. Kamila is no stranger to international festivals and her previous film, “The Mirror Never Lies,” bagged at least 15 awards globally. By Dhania Sarahtika / Photo By Moh.Defrizal
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Lisa Mihardja, the brains behind batik brand Alleira, has taken great strides in raising the global profile of this traditional Indonesian fabric through modern designs and regular appearances at international fashion shows. By Joy Muchtar / Photo By Moh. Defrizal
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“Fighter” may be a proper word to describe Livia Notoharjono, better known as Livi Zheng, the first Indonesian to build a successful career as film director in Hollywood. By Lia Natalia / Photo By Yudha Baskoro
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Smart, passionate, amiable and multi-tasker are words that best describe Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, a businesswoman and leader in many organizations, who has both the professional and leadership skills to stand on the frontline of Indonesia’s business community. By Albert W. Nonto / Photo By Gugun A. Suminarto
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Despite her status as the wife of an Indonesian media tycoon, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo is also a successful career woman in her own right, who has now set her sights on something even bigger. By Albert w. Nonto / Photo By Moh. Defrizal
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After an 18-year career as an actor, Dian Sastrowardoyo is now making the shift to becoming a film producer. However, she is fully aware that the Indonesian film industry is still in its infancy and that film genres for a wider audience are very limited. By Lisa Siregar /Photo By Moh. Defrizal
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Kamadjaja is a familiar name in Indonesia’s logistics industry. With a client roster that includes fast-moving consumer goods giants Unilever and Nestlé, and local food and beverage manufacturers such as Garuda Food and Sosro, Kamadjaja Logistics is one of only a few in the industry that can boast an annual turnover of over $100 million. By Dion Bisara / Photo By Moh. Defrizal
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Smart, passionate and amiable are words that best describe Imelda Fransisca, a former Miss Indonesia, author and vice president of property developer Olympic Bangun Persada, who has taken her family business beyond furniture production. By Diella Yasmine / Photo By Gugun A. Suminarto
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It is not how you fall, it is how you get up. The saying never gets old for Maia Estianty, a musician, songwriter and successful entrepreneur who has overcome many setbacks in her life. By Elsid Arendra / Photo By Moh. Defrizal
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